Discuss and Deliberate at Life Conference 2016

Welcome to Life Conference 2016 - A unique forum for dissemination of expertise in the fields of high risk pregnancy, fetal medicine and infertility.  Comprehensive end-to-end workshops, demonstrations and talks with huge source of information delivered by renowned national and international speakers.

Is there a role of Aspirin beyond Pre-eclampsia?? Let’s discuss.

Should we avert iatrogenic prematurity by surveillance allowing better inutero fetal programming?? Let’s deliberate with a neonatologist.

Pregnancy after ART is increasingly common - there is a dedicated session on Day 2 of the Life Conference 2016, discussing the challenges encountered.

Let’s discuss and debate to arrive at conclusions at Life Conference 2016 – 4th, 5th and 6th Nov 2016… Mark your calendars!

Pre-register now or join us on any day between the 4th and 6th November for Life Conference 2016 and avail 2 KMC credit points each day.


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