Diabetes and Pregnancy

The prevalence of diabetes complicating pregnancy is fast increasing in India
Life Conference 2017” addresses issues complicated by diabetes through pregnancy and beyond
which includes the following :

a) Could “ Gestational diabetes “ be a predictor of a progressive disorder of the carbohydrate metabolism beyond pregnancy ?

b) Can we prevent and modify the possibility of recurrent gestational diabetes?

c) Contributionsof obesity in the aggravation of all metabolic problems including diabetes and the implications of ‘Bariatric surgery’ in modifying the disease per se and implications of pregnancy will also be discussed.

d) Evolutions of this phenomenon , ‘Indian epidemic ( gestational diabetes )and implications’ will be discussed in the plenary


Life Conference 2016, a scientific conference on Infertility and High Risk Pregnancy is scheduled to be held on 4th, 5th& 6th November, 2017 at Hotel Le Meridien, Bangalore.
Practical aspects of managing pregnant diabetics including life style modification of pregnant diabetics , hurdles and strategies of initiating insulin therapy and most importantly early recognition and effective management of ‘Diabetic ketoacidosis in pregnancy’  will be discussed by some of the best faculty in this field.

Considering that women with Obesity, Hypertension and Diabetes are increasing in our population ,the need to understand implications of these metabolic problems on obstetric outcomes is gross;a dedicated plenary on “Obstetrics outcomes” in women with the metabolic syndrome.-Recent evidence; addresses this end to end

Diabetes with obesity complicating pregnancy is increasingly common. An interactive session specifically addressing this has been planned with the some experts in this field . Intrapartum complications of obesity have also been dealt with separately in a dedicated talk. To summarize all the recent and evolving concepts regarding ‘Diabetes and pregnancy have been included’.


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